African Continental Roadmap

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Participants :

  • BALLO Abdou
  • BARRY Mamadou
  • BEN MILED Slimane
  • BENGA Daniel Louis
  • BOUSSO Mamadou
  • CISSE Mame Demba
  • DIEDHIOU Alassane
  • DIOP Mamadou abdoul
  • DIOUF Ismaila
  • FAYE Serigne
  • JOHNSON Jeff
  • KANE Souleye
  • KOUTARO Ould Maeno
  • LEBEDE Ngartera
  • MAYOUMA Ange Patrice
  • Mbaye Abdoulaye
  • MBODJI Boucacar
  • MAENO Koutaro
  • Mesmoudi Laila
  • NDIAYE Abdoul Aziz
  • NDIOBO Camara
  • NGOM Ndeye Fatou
  • NIANG Awa
  • NIANG Oumar
  • OULD Mohamed
  • SAMBOU Bienvenu
  • SAWADOGO Salam
  • SOME Blaise
  • SOW Djiby

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Conference Africaine Science de Systèmes Complexes

The African Roadmap and its Digital Campus

Towards a UNESCO Unitwin Network

9-10 Novembre - Dakar

This workshop will bring together local networks in Africa and link them with other networks through the International Digital Campus. In particular it will focus on how this new infrastructure can enable individuals and groups to create new social and economic activities to create jobs. The emphasis will be on youth unemployment and how the chronic lack of opportunities for young people can be rectified by individuals reconfiguring the resources available to them in the context of the technological advances of recent years.

The workshop will draft the first Complex Systems Roadmap of Africa and its Digital Campus (CSDC-Africa) in harmony with those designed by scientists in other countries and regions worldwide. This will prepare for the UNESCO UNITWIN submission in 2012. Youth Employment in Africa will be discussed both as a specific complex evolving systems challenge for modern societies and as a criterion for designing the CSDC-Africa. The Digital Campus will use the next technological revolution of cloud computing which can efficiently coordinate scientists with engineers and technicians, physicians and nurses, agricultural experts and farmers. Young people are clearly the most competent in the new technological revolution that will bring a mass of new web services and digital goods, of new jobs and of new knowledge of high added-value for science and society. There are deep reasons why the next Schumpeter’s cycle will be a revolution of web services and digital goods.

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